Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961
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Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961 - Classmates

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Number of classmates: 315
Adolphson, Shirley (Unlisted)
Ahlstrom, Evelyn (Unlisted)
Aldahl, Terry (Missing)
Allan, Janet (Unlisted)
Amborn, Claire (Unlisted)
Anderson, Bruce View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Anderson, Candice View Biography (Unlisted)
Anderson, Carol Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Anderson, David (Unlisted)
Anderson, Dennis (Unlisted)
Anderson, Eugene L. (Unlisted)
Anderson, James W. (Missing)
Asher, Lynda (Unlisted)
Atchison, Lee (Unlisted)
Baker, Donna Mae (Unlisted)
Bakke, Jerry Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Barber, Charles (Chuck) (Unlisted)
Bartig, Carol (Unlisted)
Bartlett, Ronald Mailing Address Email Address
Bassa, Janice (Unlisted)
Beaupre, Thomas (Unlisted)
Benson, Kenneth (Unlisted)
Berg, Claudia (Unlisted)
Berg, Harold (Unlisted)
Berglund, Margaret (Unlisted)
Bjork, Julie (Unlisted)
Blomberg, Judy (Unlisted)
Bodin, Suzanne (Unlisted)
Bolme, Ronald (Unlisted)
Borgesen, Sharon (Unlisted)
Bowe, Judith (Unlisted)
Braiedy, Keith (Unlisted)
Brand, Margaret (Unlisted)
Brassard, Judith (Unlisted)
Breitbach, David (Unlisted)
Britton, Robert (Unlisted)
Brown, Carol Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Bruhjell, Bradley (Unlisted)
Buggie, Virginia (Unlisted)
Burcar, Donald (Unlisted)
Burr, Janice (Unlisted)
Busker, Richard (Unlisted)
Callies, Barbara (Unlisted)
Campbell, Linda (Unlisted)
Carlson, Ann Marie (Missing)
Carlson, Barbara (Unlisted)
Carlson, Joan (Missing)
Carlson, Judith (Unlisted)
Cartier, John (Unlisted)
Challstrom, Lois (Unlisted)
Cheetham, Ronald (Unlisted)
Christensen, Karin (Unlisted)
Clute, Davin (Unlisted)
Cory, Janet (Unlisted)
Courchaine, Nancy (Unlisted)
Cummings, Linda (Unlisted)
Dahl, Patricia (Unlisted)
Dathe, Fred (Unlisted)
Davis, Darla (Unlisted)
Day, Dennis (Unlisted)
DeBruzzi, Karen (Unlisted)
DeGrio, Darlene (Unlisted)
DeRosier, Cathi (Unlisted)
Didrikson, Judy (Unlisted)
Diebel, Robert (Unlisted)
Dittman, Jean (Unlisted)
Dixon, Patricia (Unlisted)
Downs, Shawn (Missing)
Dwyer, Kathy (Unlisted)
Eck, Rodney (Unlisted)
Eck, Rolland (Unlisted)
Eckstrom, Geoffrey (Unlisted)
Eisenach, Joan (Unlisted)
Eklund, Kathy (Unlisted)
Ekman, John (Missing)
Ekstrom, Virginia (Unlisted)
Eliason, John (Unlisted)
Ellingsen, Robert (Unlisted)
Ellison, Connie (Unlisted)
Elofson, Karen (Unlisted)
Elpe, Joanne (Unlisted)
Elsmore, Claudia (Unlisted)
Engbloom, Kenneth (Unlisted)
Engman, Susan (Unlisted)
Erickson, Merridy (Unlisted)
Erlander, Ronald (Unlisted)
Flynn, Dennis (Unlisted)
Foeltz, Ronald (Unlisted)
Forde, Merle (Unlisted)
Foro, Ross (Unlisted)
Forsberg, Gloria (Unlisted)
Fox, Philip (Unlisted)
Francisco, Gary View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Fritz, William (Unlisted)
Gagne, Sherrie (Missing)
Gagnon, Roberta (Unlisted)
Gearns, Joyce (Unlisted)
Gellatly, Dave Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Gimpel, Martha (Unlisted)
Godfrey, Mary Ann (Unlisted)
Goethal, Susanne (Unlisted)
Granquist, Charles (Unlisted)
Gustafson, Marlice (Unlisted)
Gvesrude, Diane (Unlisted)
Haapanen, Yvonne (Unlisted)
Hackett, Janet (Unlisted)
Hagen, Maurice (Rev.) (Unlisted)
Hakomaki, Arlene (Unlisted)
Hallfrisch, Nita Mailing Address Email Address
Hammer, Sharon (Unlisted)
Hammer, Susanne (Unlisted)
Hansen, Beverly Mailing Address Email Address
Hansen, Carol (Unlisted)
Hansen, Kathy View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address Personal Website Business Website Facebook Profile
Hanson, James P (Missing)
Harbour, Dale (Unlisted)
Haug, Julie (Unlisted)
Helmer, Roberta (Unlisted)
Hendershot, Shirley Email Address
Herstad, Wayne Phone Numbers Email Address
Hill, Sandra (Unlisted)
Hill, Susan (Missing)
Hillman, Douglas Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Holmberg, Lee Ann Mailing Address Email Address
Holmstrom, David (Unlisted)
Horner, Colleen Email Address
Horton, Jack (Missing)
Hughes, Bonnie (Unlisted)
Huseby, Douglas (Unlisted)
Huseby, Robert (Unlisted)
Ilsley, John (Unlisted)
Jablonski, Terrance (Missing)
Jacobson, Grant (Unlisted)
Jakubek, Richard (Unlisted)
Johnson, Betty (Unlisted)
Johnson, Bonnie (Unlisted)
Johnson, JoAnne (Unlisted)
Johnson, Judith K. (Unlisted)
Johnson, Judith L. (Unlisted)
Johnson, Michael B. (Unlisted)
Johnson, Michael H Phone Numbers Email Address
Johnson, Roger A. (Unlisted)
Johnson, Ronald G. (Unlisted)
Johnson, Sandra (Unlisted)
Johnson, Jr., James W. (Unlisted)
Jones, David  Allen View Biography & Photo Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address Facebook Profile
Josephson, Sandra (Unlisted)
Kalm, Gerald (Unlisted)
Kampa, Frank Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Karlen, Ron (Unlisted)
Kelly, Paul 'Ben' Email Address
Kettner, Gary (Unlisted)
King, Barbara (Unlisted)
Kirsch, Linda (Unlisted)
Klang, Nancy (Unlisted)
Klossner, Carol (Unlisted)
Klug, Richard (Unlisted)
Kolak, Andrea (Missing)
Kolojeski, Robert (Unlisted)
Krol, John (Missing)
Kuchenmeister, Laurie (Unlisted)
Kuraa, Marie (Unlisted)
Kuznia, Carl (Unlisted)
Lambrecht, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Lampe, Doris (Unlisted)
Lanes, Patricia (Unlisted)
Lanthier, Cliff (Unlisted)
Larson, Richard (Unlisted)
Lee, Karen (Unlisted)
Lehto, Vienna (Unlisted)
Leland, Tim (Unlisted)
Lepak, Nancy (Unlisted)
Lilleberg, Kathy (Unlisted)
Lindberg, John (Unlisted)
Lindholm, Linda (Unlisted)
Loveland, Linda (Missing)
Lovering, Patricia (Unlisted)
Lufholm, Robert (Unlisted)
Lund, Pete (Unlisted)
MacDonald, William (Unlisted)
Maeckelbergh, Patricia (Unlisted)
Mailhot, Wilfred (Unlisted)
Maki, James (Unlisted)
Maki, John A. (Unlisted)
Marsh, Sharon (Unlisted)
Mason, Mary (Midge) (Unlisted)
Mathison, Robert (Unlisted)
Matson, Nancy (Unlisted)
Mattson, Jean (Unlisted)
Maygren, Ruby (Unlisted)
McDonald, Robert A. View Biography Email Address
McIsaac, Nancy (Unlisted)
McKay, Alan B. (Missing)
McLellan, William (Unlisted)
Merry, Wayne (Unlisted)
Messina Jr, Michael (Rev.) Phone Numbers Email Address
Miernicki, Keith (Unlisted)
Miskowski, Janice (Unlisted)
Modean, Larry (Unlisted)
Moder, Sharon (Unlisted)
Mokros, Sharon (Unlisted)
Morris, Judith (Missing)
Morton, Steve (Unlisted)
Mosiniak, Robert (Unlisted)
Muncy, Judith (Missing)
Murphy, Gerald (Unlisted)
Murray, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Myles, Mark (Unlisted)
Needham, Gladys (Unlisted)
Nelson, Carole (Unlisted)
Nelson, Judy (Unlisted)
Nelson, Robert (Unlisted)
Nelson, Thomas (Unlisted)
Nesgoda, Lawrence (Unlisted)
Ness, Kay (Unlisted)
Nieman, Rosalie (Unlisted)
Niemi, James (Unlisted)
Niemi, Juliet (Unlisted)
Nordean, Diane (Unlisted)
Nordgren, Janice (Unlisted)
Nordgren, Suzanne (Unlisted)
Nordstrom, William (Unlisted)
Norlund, Robert (Unlisted)
Nylund, Shirley (Unlisted)
Nystrom, Carole (Unlisted)
O'Connor, Margaret (Unlisted)
Olaf, Paula Mailing Address Email Address
Oliver, Elizabeth Ann  ( LIZ) View Biography & Photo Email Address
Olson, Julie (Unlisted)
Olson, Kirk (Unlisted)
Olson, Richard (Unlisted)
Opack, Matt (Unlisted)
Palusky, Robert (Unlisted)
Paquette, Ricky (Unlisted)
Parantala, Rebecca (Unlisted)
Paszak, John (Unlisted)
Pavlatos, Thomas (Unlisted)
Pearson, Alberta (Unlisted)
Pederson, James (Unlisted)
Peterson, Gordon (Unlisted)
Peterson, Jerry (Missing)
Peterson, Jerry (Unlisted)
Peterson, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Peterson, Marlene (Unlisted)
Peterson, Terry (Unlisted)
Preslin, Matthew (Unlisted)
Puglisi, Marilyn (Unlisted)
Quast, Louise (Unlisted)
Ranzinger, Robert (Unlisted)
Rawn, Judith (Unlisted)
Reich, Sharon (Unlisted)
Renick, Karen (Unlisted)
Risberg, Janis (Unlisted)
Roberg, Dean (Unlisted)
Robinson, Leonard (Unlisted)
Rodberg, Margaret Email Address
Rosen, Jackie (Unlisted)
Rossiter, Patricia (Unlisted)
Rothschadl, Myrn (Unlisted)
Rudberg, Sharon (Unlisted)
Rupert, Bob Email Address
Ryan, Maureen (Unlisted)
Sams, Raymond (Unlisted)
Sanders, Norman (Unlisted)
Scharnott, Patricia (Unlisted)
Schelin, Rodney (Unlisted)
Schultz, Harry Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address Business Website
Scott, Peggy (Unlisted)
Shubert, James (Unlisted)
Slordal, Mary Ann (Unlisted)
Smalley, Colleen (Unlisted)
Smith, Gregg (Unlisted)
Soderlund, James D. (Unlisted)
Soga, Naomi (Unlisted)
Sojka, Richard (Unlisted)
Sorenson, Gary (Unlisted)
Spehar, Shirley (Unlisted)
Spense, Gary (Unlisted)
Sprecker, Virginia (Missing)
Stammen, Mary Ann (Unlisted)
Stevens, Marcia (Unlisted)
Stover, Horace 'Buck' (Unlisted)
Stubbs, David (Unlisted)
Swanfeld, Robert (Unlisted)
Swanson, Karen (Unlisted)
Talarico, Jacqueline (Unlisted)
Tatalovich, Marilyn Phone Numbers Email Address
Telega, Gary Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Thompson, Frank (Unlisted)
Tollefson, David (Unlisted)
Towers, Marilyn (Unlisted)
Tusken, Bob Mailing Address Email Address
Twining, Gayle (Unlisted)
Udovich, Betty (Unlisted)
Vancers, Ivars (Unlisted)
Vatthauer, Marita (Unlisted)
Venier, Judy (Unlisted)
Vezina, Gary (Unlisted)
Wagner, John (Unlisted)
Wagner, Mary (Missing)
Walczak, Charles (Unlisted)
Walker, James Mailing Address Email Address
Walters, Jerry (Unlisted)
Walters, Michael (Unlisted)
Watsick, Frank Email Address
Watson, Janet (Unlisted)
Wedan, Gary Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Wiitanen, Patricia (Unlisted)
Wingness, Sharon (Unlisted)
Winklesky, Gary (Unlisted)
Wold, Nan (Unlisted)
Young, Deborah (Unlisted)
Young, James (Unlisted)
Zalar, James (Unlisted)
Zeh, Charles (Unlisted)

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