Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961
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Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961 - Photos of Duluth Pre 1940
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Over 24 pages of photos were lost.  Although I have the photo's on file I do not have the dates, sources or appropriate narratives.  We will start this section over and I will try to do a few a week with the necessary information and sources.

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January 1893 the Minnesota Blast Furnace Co. of West Duluth used the first iron ore from Mesabi Range. The ore was so pure that no other chemicals were needed to produce quality steel. Zenith Web Site
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Aerial Lift Bridge first opens to the public January 12, 1930.  Zenith Web Site
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Miss Roy McGregor was Duluth's first police woman.  Hired in 1917 her duties included visiting the dance halls, chop suey houses and walking the town sidewalks to assure that there was no impr...
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1895 Fond du Lac reluctantly joins the city of Duluth. A french word meaning the bottom of the lake covered all of Duluth and Superior area prior to the settlement of Europeans . This 1900 -1915 po...
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Esko store was opened in December 1919 by Fritz and son Alex Esko at the intersection of Scanlon Rd. and 'Duluth-Twin Cities Hwy.'  Other businesses set up in the area over time and it became ...
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Dec. 24, 1914 Mayor Prince threw the switch that lighted Duluth's first Municipal Christmas Tree, a spruce, located in front of the St. Louis County Court House. The paper stated that thousands att...
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West Duluth Peoples Brewery was established in 1908 at 4230 West Second  St. Closed in 1956 and was razed in 1975.  Parts that still remain house Brock-White and Serve-Pro.  Public L...
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Proctorknott was the person whose name was used as the name of the village in 1894, shortened to Proctor by the US Postal Service in 1904, and became the city of Proctor in 1939. Zenith Web Site
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First Electric Street Cars operate in Duluth in November 1890.  They could travel at a speed of 8 miles per hour.  Lake Superior Railroad Museum Image, Zenith Web Site
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Duluth Bans Dancing the Shimmy 1919.  Rules banning the dance were: 1, Dancers must keep moving and not stand in one place. 2, They shall not wriggle like a snake. 3, They must not raise their...
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St. Lukes Hospital 1881.  The first St. Lukes Hospital was a rented Blacksmith shop at 3rd. Ave. W and Superior St. in 1881.  Duluth Public Library Photo, Zenith Web Site
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The First Union Depot used from 1870 to 1892.  Built on fifth Ave. West below Mich. St. Image Twin Ports Rail History. Zenith Web Site
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