Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961
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Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961 - Photos of Duluth Pre 1940
Pictures in Gallery: 164
Over 24 pages of photos were lost.  Although I have the photo's on file I do not have the dates, sources or appropriate narratives.  We will start this section over and I will try to do a few a week with the necessary information and sources.

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Win $200 in gold.  A contest by the 1910 American Traveller  car company was to find  Miss Dolly Dimples, a pseudonym for a woman hired to hide in plain site, pictured in this photo....
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William Norman 1904-1980 Graduated from Denfeld in 1923 and went on to become an internationally know artist.  Born and raised at 4127 W. 4th street.  Some of his lithographs can be viewe...
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Duluth Normal School opens Sept. 2, 1902.  Predecessor  of UMD.  Post card image from Zenith Web Site
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Panic of 1817 closed all of the businesses in Duluth and left only a few businesses open in Superior.  For about ten years Duluth citizens had to do all of their shopping in Superior via Ice o...
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Penny Arcades.  1909 Duluth News Tribune article stated 'According to a local minister the Penny Arcades corrupt more souls in one day then the church can save in a month' The arcades were loc...
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Vintage photo in 1908 of an ore boat going under the Transfer Bridge (1904-1929) These photo prints are for sale by the Zenith City Press
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Duluth Imperial Flour 'Airship' Sign used as an ad in about 1895.  Duluth at one time had the largest flour mill in the USA.  The reproductions of this sign can be found on the Zenith Web Site an...
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Enger Tower at night, a 1939 post card which shows the green light at the top.  This print is for sale by the Zenith City Press.
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Duluth's first patrol wagon. Photo from 1890 Michigan Street entrance to Police Headquarters, note the large doors that lead into the indoor stables. Image Duluth Public Library, Zenith Web Site
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DM&IR added a new ore dock in 1913 located at 33rd. Ave West.  The first ore dock was built in 1893.  Picture was taken in 1915. Image from Duluth Public Library, Zenith Web Sie
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Superior St. and 7th Ave. West incline crash. undated photo USA.com web site
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Superior St. looking East from 7th Ave. W.  Undated photo. USA.com web site
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