Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961
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Duluth Denfeld Class of 1961 - Photos of Duluth from about 1940 to today.
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Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth St. Mary's Hospital on May 24th 1941.  He lived at 519 N. Third Ave. East until his family moved to Hibbing in 1947.  Around 1959 he began perfor...
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Duluth Brewing and Malting Ad. used about 1940.  This and other prints can be purchased, see the Zenith Web Site.
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A new headquarters was built in 1965 for the Duluth Fire Department at 602 W. First St.  It replaced the 1894 headquarters (pictured) that was located across the street and was demolished for ...
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Card giving a free bridge ride to contributors to the fund for lighting the Ariel Lift Bridge.  The goal was reached in 1966.  Zenith Image
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Marian Anderson, opera star and civil rights leader, performed at the old 1915 Duluth Armory in November 1947. Zenith web site
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Neptune 26 ft. high statue was placed on the North Pier in 1959.  Made out of a 'weather proof plastic composition' to with stand the weather, however it could not stand fire and burnt down in...
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Hermantown became a city in 1975.  They became a city in their own right to fight off the city of Duluth who tried to annex the township of Herman to keep Duluth's population above the 100,000...
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John Jacob Astor built a fur trading post in Fond du Lac in 1817. Part of that site at 133 Ave. W and second street, a single lot in size, was accepted by the Duluth Parks Commission from the DAR a...
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Big Chester Park ski jump was removed in Aug. 2014.  Zenith web site
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USS Duluth, Amphibious Transport commissioned in 1965,decommissioned 2005, scrapped in 2014. US Navy photo Zenith Web Site
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June 19, 2020 photo from the Duluth Visitor Guide web site. Photo and others like it can be seen @likehephotography
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Dale Mell, 1964 winner of the Soap Box Derby at Hartley Park.  The first derby was held in 1947 at Lemon Drop Hill at London Road and was moved to Hartley Park in 1961. Image Hartley Nature Ce...
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